Episode 3
Episode 3
Air Date: August 13, 2014
Written by: Jennette McCurdy
Directed by: Colton Tran
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Sarah sees a therapist (Mary Scheer). After finding out that her therapist won't be any help to her, she leaves and goes to a coffee shop. She orders a drink, and is ripped off because the drink is limited supply. She then runs into a self centured "friend" named Gloriana and gets a call from a casting director named Vicki Thompson during Gloriana is taking fastly. Anyways, Vicki has a project that Sarah would be "perfect" for. She excitedly leaves the coffee shop, leaving Gloriana sitting alone and talking to herself. Gloriana later finds out and get upset saying " Sarah!!" then she ask the Juicery employee for some juice, still upset.


Trivia. This episode caused lots of drama around the world because of Ariana Grande self centered character named Gloriana who copied Ariana. Because of this, People thought that the feud that cancelled Nickelodeon's Sam And Cat [which also starred Ariana and Jennette] was real. Jennette McCurdy later in 2015 said we butted heads sometimes but in a sisterly way. I mean she knows me so well I know her so well. which meant there was no feud between the two girls.